Athen’s Eagle Scout Project

On June 11, 2017, I lead my Eagle Scout project that I’ve been planning for the past few months, repainting the Long Branch Community Center Parking Lot.

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This project required immense preparation and planning, from receiving several approval signature, measuring the surface area of the painting section, and doing research on types of paint and painting methods.

Car parked next to faded lines – Photo by Athen Pham
Faded speed bump – Photo by Athen Pham
Old handicap sign – Photo by Athen Pham

The goal of this project is to improve the visibility of the parking lot lines in order to enhance safety and allow the drivers to use the parking lot with less difficulty and confusion.

After doing lots of research, I decided to use a latex based paint alongside wood frames that I built from my fund.

Wooden frame use as a guide line
Painting within the line – Photo by Athen

I fund raised about $350 during the end of the year LD Picnic by setting up a snow cone booth with a donation jar and met my budget goal.

Scout painting – Photo by Athen

I arrived at Long Branch around 7 AM on June 11, 2017, started and completed the project, with the help of 27 scouts, family members, and parents by noon. The sun was shinning brightly and the scouts worked hard under the heat of the sun and had a blast while doing so.

I choose this project because LD Potomac has been using the facility for several years and he thought it was only right to give back to them. After the project was completed, Long Branch had 110 parking lines, 3 handicap symbols, 4 speed bumps, the curbs, and stripped areas newly visible with a fresh coat of paint.

The new handicap sign – Photo by Athen Pham

The overall project was a success and the scouts socialized about their accomplishment while enjoying a nice slice of pizza in the shade.