LD Holiday Party

This is my first party with the Scouts. It was at Hoover Middle School, where it was last year. It was a semi formal party. Lots of people dressed very nice in dresses, blazers, fancy shoes, and well pressed pants.

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I arrived to the party during the charade game, so it was kind of confusing, as everyone was yelling out random words. All of the scouts were there since it was the last event with the Scouts of the year. It took awhile for me to get figure out what was going on since I came when an activity was happening, but I eventually found out what was happening.

Boys arm wrestling and looking sharp!!! – Photo by Tuan Pham
Playing charade on stage – Photo by Tuan Pham

The party was fun and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Everyone seemed excited and happy to do the activities at the party. There were activities such as skits that people were able to participate in. Some of them were planned out in advance and some of them were improv skits.

GS Skit – Photo by Tran-Chau Le

My group and I chose to do an improv ‘Skit in a Bag’. We randomly chose a bag full of props and we have to perform a skit using the props in the bag. My group and I were doing an act of “The Titanic” and it was very funny.

“Rose” on the bow of the Titantic – Photo by Tuan Pham

My favorite skit was my group’s skit because I got a main role as “Rose” and it was very funny. We performed our skits on the stage. The stage surprised me because it was very big and nice for a middle school. We also got eat foods brought by the families at the party. The food was very tasty and lots of people brought in their own dishes to shared. Since there was so much good food, some people went back in line to get seconds.

Group performing “The 12 Days of Potomac” – Photo by Tuan Pham

A lot of people enjoyed the party, like me. The event seemed to be a memorable, fun event for all of the people in attendance.People took many pictures and enjoyed their time with their friends. The party was also a good way for parents and other scouts to socialize with each other and learn more about others. People were also given the chance to learn about the Scouts and what they mean as well. The party was able to put everyone in a good mood. People were happy and they had a great time. Although this was my first party with the Scouts, it was a very good time and I look forward to seeing how events will turn out as we head into 2018.