Rock Climbing Fun

Young and old scouts alike have been waiting with thrill and enthusiasm for December’s Rock Climbing Activity. Scouts are expected to be briefed by the employees on safety and how to properly rock climb.  This means no monkeying around for the scouts, as it could put a person in jeopardy when scaling the high walls. The safety lessons taught scouts how to tie the 8 knot that would be attached to their harness and how to assist the climber while they go up and down.

After the safety lessons, the scouts instantly chose their own walls to climb in groups of three or two.

While one climbs, the others would be on the ground to give rope to the climber and eventually assist him/her on the way down.

Near midnight, the pizza has arrived and the bathrooms overflow with hungry scouts trying to wash their hands.

Afterwards, some brave scouts attempt to climb the high walls that dwarf the others by margins.  The walls looked like they never end viewing it from below. An extra safety precaution for climbing the high walls would be to put a weighted bag down on the rope just in case the climber falls.

By 2 30 AM, most scouts are worn out and exhausted, so they start playing card games or just sit and talk with one another. However some aren’t tired and continue to climb the walls.