Beach Backpacking 2017

Assateague Island National Seashore Beach Backpacking Trip 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Allison, Co-Tu, Kimberly and Tiffany arrived at Assateague Beach around 8pm and were promptly attacked by mosquitoes. The quartet (with Co-Tu’s dad and brother) took shelter in the car until Tr. Nhu, Tr. Peter and some of the boy scouts arrived, and the mosquitoes disappeared.

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After settling down, the quartet set-up their tent on the beach, painted their nails and went to sleep.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Early the next morning, the Seniors woke up and (tried to) witnessed the sunrise. Then the scouts packed up their stuff and headed to registration.


There, pictures were taken and several injuries were sustained. The scouts put on their backpacks and started the 4.5-mile hike along the beach. Of course, only after the wild horses inspected our gear.

The hike mainly consisted of picking up seashells, wondering what the washed up animals were, encountering wild horses, and complaining that the sand hurt our legs and feet.

Lastly, after about 4 hours, Tr. Peter led everyone to our campsite at Little Level. It was tucked away behind the sand dunes and blocked the unruly wind. All scouts set up their tents and relaxed. The afternoon comprised of snacking, napping, and waiting for Tr. Chau to arrive.

At Tr. Chau’s arrival, the quartet rejoiced! They celebrated Brandon’s birthday, played with the the volleyball that Tr. Chau carried for the entire 4.5-mile hike. Shortly afterwards, the quartet became the trio when we bid goodbye to Tr. Nhu and Co-Tu, who had plans Sunday morning back home.


Then it was dinner time! The boys had their freeze-dried food and the girls had their cup
noodles. After dinner, Athen explained his eagle project proposal. The trio then changed into their pants and long sleeves because mosquitoes are vicious, and got ready for the campfire.

Truongs, Troop, and the 3 Seniors all headed out to the shore to build the fire. After struggling a bit because of the unyielding wind, the campfire started! Some troop played football, and others gathered around the fire. After the sunset, all were sitting around the fire.


Stories were told and songs were sung beautifully. Kind of.. All had a lot of fun.

Around 10pm, everyone headed back to the campsite to catch some shut eye underneath an amazing starry sky.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The trio attempted to wake up early enough for the sunrise, but only Allison woke up for the last few minutes of it. Around 7am, the girls began packing everything up. Reluctantly, the girls put away their belongings and headed back down the 4.5 mile trail.

Almost all of the scouts hurried across the beach to try and make it back in time, but as expected we stopped several times to take some final pictures.

At last, after a surprisingly short hike, the scouts arrived at the asphalt road. Allison had a little phone fiasco, and then the group headed to the parking lot to drive home. But of course, we had to stop by Chipotle for our traditional parting meal. Allison, Brandon, Kimberly, Tiffany, Vincent and Tr. Chau piled into Tr. Peter’s car to drive home after a tiring, but nonetheless fun, beach backpacking trip.