Hiking Gathland State Park

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On Saturday September 16, 2017, Troop went on a seven mile hike.  The trail started at Arnoldtown Rd, Jefferson MD and ended Weverton Falls in Sandy Hook, MD (or Weverton Cliffs). The area was known to have the Blair Witch, from the film The Blair Witch Project.

The entire hiking group – Photo by Phong Huynh
Stopping by a large rock for some lunch – Photo by Nguyen Nguyen
We must stretch – Photo by Phong Huynh

The Beo had to bring a daypack with water, lunch, and anything they needed for the trip.

Tr Chieu pointing out something in the distant – probably a bear behind the camera man – Photo by Phong Huynh
Strike a pose – Photo by the Blair Witch herself

Although we did not stay overnight, the hike was very tough and hard for some scouts taking a few hours to complete. Even then, the hike was a very fun experience.