Troop Camp

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Troop went to the Little Bennett Campground near Clarksburg, MD on Saturday, September 23rd. The Beo worked on earning their Totin Chip with the help of some older scouts.

Vinh learning proper use of the ax – Photo by Son Nguyen

During that time, the rest of the older scouts went on a hike with Tr. Chieu and Tr. Nghia. Therefore, some scouts could review their navigation and orienteering skills while others learned the skill of orienteering. We also, reviewed all of the lashings and 7 knots with rope, prepared for the LD camp skit, and went over cooking/knife safety with Tr. Nghia.

Tr Nghia going over knife safty – Photo by Son Nguyen
Vincent on the track – Photo by Son Nguyen

Overall, the camp was good for learning and reviewing skills.