Old Rag

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This was my first time going hiking at Old Rag. I had to wake up around 5am to catch a 2-hr ride to Old Rag Mountain Parking Lot. I was very tired when I first got there, but once I went outside and saw the view, it woke me up. The view of the mist and the sun was mesmerizing!

LD Potomac GS in the mist – Photo by Peter Le

The first part of the hike was very tiring because we kept going up hill and it really worked out my calf muscles! Then, the next part was the rock climbing. It was difficult to get across a few rocks, but I had help from friends and it was very fun.

Climbing large boulder – Photo by Long Pham

My favorite part of the hike was going a part of the hike where they were big boulders for us to sit and see the beautiful view. We were so high that the clouds were below us.

GS Seniors on top of Old Rag Mountain – Photo by Peter Le

The clouds covered the whole entire sky and it looked like a sea of clouds.

Seniors – Photo by Long Pham

My other favorite part was walking in a flat path where I could talk to all the new friends that I made.

Walking the fire road – Photo by Peter Le

Overall, I had an amazing experience going on this trip and it was definitely worth missing my soccer game and hoco!! I would love to go again.

On the morning of October 14, 2017, Troop 1794, Seniors, and Cadets from LD Potomac embarked on a 12 mile hike at Old Rag Mountain in Etlan, Virginia. The trail started off with a manageable hike up steep and rocky hills. However, as we all got closer to the peak, we faced challenging obstacles, such as squeezing through narrow cracks, climbing up tall rocks, and jumping from rock to rock.

Nathan and David decending – Photo by Peter Le

After 4-5 hours of hiking up Old Rag, we finally made it to the peak and stopped for a lunch break.

Troop having lunch – Photo by Chung Nguyen

The hike down Old Rag was in some ways challenging as well, due to the fact that we had to avoid wet-slippery rocks. Everyone was able to successfully finish the hike at around 5:30pm, and ended the day with Chipotle for dinner.

CHIPOTLE – Oh so good – Photo by Peter Le


LD Potomac Troops, Seniors, and Cadettes arrived at Old Rag Parking Lot at 8:00am on a warm misty Saturday morning. Even though we half asleep and the sun just rose, the parking lot was packed with cars and hikers warming up for the long hike.

The scouts hiked to the trailhead about 20 minutes away from the parking area. There, we took some pictures, had a safety and hiking brief. After that, we started hiking upward to the top of Old Rag Mountain going under, over and in between rocks.

Brandon just passed under a wedged boulder. – Photo by Jasmine Pham

When we were near the top around noon, we had lunch. Lunch was my favorite part because the hike was tough and worn me out.

Hmm… Bromance? – Photo by Jasmine Pham

After lunch, we split up unknowingly. Group #1 skipped the summit without telling Group #2. But at the end, we caught up at the parking lot and had a light refreshment. We left the parking lot around 6pm and went to get Chipotle.