Whiteoak Canyon and Cedar Run

This is my second time hiking at Shenandoah National Park. Although this time, we went on the Whiteoak Canyon and Cedar Run Trail. The Seniors are joined by Troops to hike the 10-mile loop.

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Waking up at four in the morning seems very early, but I wasn’t tired because I was too excited to go hiking. There was a waterfall and it was incredible! It was the perfect place to take pictures and rest. I also saw bears on the way up and that was truly amazing. I’ve never seen bears in real life before.

One of the water falls off Whiteoak Canyon – Photo by Long Pham
Hanging around one of the falls on the hike – Photo by Peter Le

This hike made my thighs sore from going up hills, however, it was worth it. Going down was hard for me because the trail was very rocky and slippery. The weather was so cold and there were icicles along the way.

Crossing Cedar Run- Photo by Peter Le

As I went up the mountain, it began to get warmer. My favorite part of the hike was getting to navigate with the younger troop members. This made me feel like a leader and it made me feel like I had a responsibility for leading the group. This was a great opportunity because I got to make new friends and I would definitely love to go hiking again.