Cadette Camping Trip

My mom and I pulled up to Camp Crowell, Ashgrove Lodge, which was surrounded by tall trees in the cold morning.

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We met most of the troop in an empty parking lot and went over a packet that explained how to do a flag ceremony inside a resemble of a Native American teepee.  After 10 minutes we were ready to do the flag ceremony.

Flag Ceremony – Photo by Nhung Tran

We were successful even though this is our first attempt learning it.

After that, we went hiking on a narrow trail that took us around the area and we did a fun scavenger hunt.  We all worked as a team to find the items needed to complete the hunt.  There were autumn colored tree leaves all around the trail.  We saw a mansion that I mistaken for a waterfall. As we continued to walk, we saw a squirrel on a dead tree log looking at us.  It looked like it was looking for food for the winter.

After the hike, all of us settled down back at the camp to learn 2 new songs that we all sang before our meal.  After lunch, we learned how to make a bear bag, but most of us failed to swing it over the tree because the tree we chose was too high.  After many attempts, we finally was able to swing it over.  A bear bag is used to keep items away from animals at camps.

Later on, we started to learn how to build a washing station with wooden poles and rope.  While building our washing stations, we learned lashing with help of Truong Hanh, Bac Hanh and Bac Chung we successfully built our washing stations.

Our washing station – Photo by Hanh Ng

It was time for dinner, we prepared for our Taco Party by learning how to cook and follow directions!  We each divided by teams to make our taco dishes.

Truong Chau and Truong Peter made a surprise visit and joined us at the taco party!  We also drank Truong Hanh’s specialty bubble tea that she made for us.

After our delicious dinner, we played games and performed a skit with whatever we found in a bag that Truong Nhung provided for us.  I think that our skits were very funny and we had a good time.  We went to bed late at night because we stayed up talking about the day.

Early in the morning, we woke up and had 4 courses of different sunny side ups, sausages and french toast that Truong Hanh, Truong Nhung and the parents made for us.  On Sunday, we made 72 health kits and gave it to those in disaster and war zones that did not have access to basic hygiene.  Truong Hanh was generous enough to provide the items so that we could build the kits and learned the importance of them to people who are in need.

We made the health kits – Photo by Nhung Tran

We then left the camp smiling because the trip was fun and we learned new things.  Thank you Truongs and Parents for a memorable time we will never forget!