“Hungry Games” Camp

On April 26, the LD Potomac attended LD Spring Camp. The camp was at Washington Monument State Park in Middletown, MD.

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LD camp is a fun experience that every scout should look forward to attending. At this event, the LD Potomac collective go camping and participate in fun activities such as: Big Games, Potluck, as well as Campfire and AOL. The theme was “Hungry Games”, and the games were fun, educational, and (mostly) related to the theme of the camp.

In addition, Thomas was our camp chief. He and the rest of Troop did a great job preparing and hosting the LD Camp. The staff worked together well, and the program ran smoothly and without hitches. Besides the Big Games, the khăng quàng ceremony was held for the senior scouts. Remember to congratulate Vincent D, Nathan, BrandonL, Kenneth, and Damon on their neckerchiefs! Please remember to thank the Camp Staff for planning and executing such a fun LD Camp!!

Ben, Evan, Athen, Brandon, and Vincent lashing the camp gate – Photo by Peter Le
Scouters in front of the camp gate – Photo by Long Pham
Cub scout Hilbert setting up tent – Photo by Long Pham
Juniors infront of their tent – Photo by Long Pham
Caddettes and Seniors – Photo by Long Pham
Camp chief Thomas addresses Troop – Photo by Long Pham
Not sure what’s going on here – Photo by Jasmine Pham
Louis, Minh, Thomas, Jasmin, Brandon, Hong at the map & compass game – Photo by Long Pham
Team launching water balloon – Photo by Peter Le
Team panicking trying to safe a ‘dying’ hiker – Photo by Peter Le
Team decoded a message written in Morse Code – Photo by Anon
Khang & Athen preparing dinner – Photo by Long Pham
Arrow of Light ceremony – Photo by Long Pham