Biking and More

I went on a biking trip a few weeks ago (on May 26th) and it was fun. When we got there, we had ice cream and I got a second cup. There were a few fat juicy watermelons. I ate a piece of watermellon and it tasted soooo sweet. I was in the slow group. I needed to go super slow since Daddy made me go to the end of the slow group. I got a scratch on my knee because someone stopped in the middle of the hill so then I turned and I fell so I didn’t hit her. That made my seat twist.

After that, Nathan N, Minhdang, Anna, Kenny, Nathan L, and I went to Nathan L’s house. We played Fortnite. We watched Fortnite and we watched animated Fortnite. We also cooked. We made pigs in a blanket (Pigs in a blanket is just cut up hot dog meat with dough heated in a oven), cookies, and brownies.

In 2-3 hours, we left to go to Kenny’s house. We played with Lego. It was fun. That is about my biking trip day.