Back to Basics LD Camp Prep

Early Friday evening, Troop members, Khiem, Justin, Athen, Nolan, Vincent, Brandon, and Evan, arrived at Cedarville State Park to help Senior Girl Scouts set up for LD Fall Camp.

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The troop came at the same time as the Seniors, and set up camp at Site G (next to the Seniors). Everybody set up camp before the sun goes down, ate dinner, and generally just chilled. After everybody arrived, Seniors and Troop walked over to Loop 1 to help set up some structures for LD camp on Saturday.

The Boy Scouts created the flag poles for opening ceremony.  It was still difficult to see even under the light of the full moon. So, we brought in some flood lights.

Planning for the flag poles – Photo by Tien Doan


Raising the flag poles – Photo by Tien Doan

We lashed long bamboo for the flag poles. We fiddled around with the bamboo to make them stand straight.

Troop posing in front of the flag poles – Photo by Tien Doan


Preparation before the hard work – Photo by Tien Doan


Large job requires large tool – small hole also requires large tool – Photo by Tien Doan


It’s funny – really !! – Photo by Tien Doan


Late night planning for the morning – Photo by Tien Doan

The Seniors worked on camp gate and signs.

Decoration – Photo by Tien Doan


Camp gate on the ground – Photo by Tien Doan


Raising the camp gate – Photo by Tien Doan


Girl Scouts posing in front of finished camp gate – Photo by Tien Doan

Everyone worked hard and we finished our assignments shortly before midnight. Then we returned to our campsites and went to bed promptly in anticipation for camp’s opening day.