LD Back to Basics Fall Camp

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I joined LD Potomac this past summer and my troop was in charge of the entire fall camp.  We met several times during to summer to plan for the camp.  I helped with some aspects of the games and also gave feedback about whether the game was fun or not.  We also worked hard on a t-shirt design for the camp.

The camp was on September 30-October 1, 2017 at Cedarville State Forest in Brandywine, MD.  And our troop had to be at camp the night before to prepare for the camp.  I did not know what to expect because it was my first Vietnamese scouting experience.  I had a great time the LD fall camp.  It was very fun playing the games and I learned so much, including how to make a fire and tying knots.

Scouts playing “Dragon’s Breath” to brew tea – Photos by Peter Le
Scout playing a tying knot game – Photo by Peter Le
Turn over the stone to solve a riddle – Photo by Tien Doan

I also made lots of new friends! Over the weekend, I got to know the girls in my troop more and everyone is really nice. I think that we organized and put together the camp very well. I hope that we do this next year.

Scouts before “Memory Match”