Court of Honor

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Troop hosted a Court of Honor on Saturday December 9th at the Long Branch Community Center. The event was held for boy scouts to receive their awards for achieving a new rank or earning merit badges.

Troop 1794: Scouts & Leaders – Photo by Tuan Pham

There were many scouts, leaders, and family members who attended the Court of Honor. Two of the boy scouts, Athen Pham and Tony Truong, achieved the highest attainable rank in the Boy Scouts system, the Eagle Scout rank.

SM Tr Son congratulating the Eagle Scouts – Photo by Tuan Pham

To earn this rank you must achieve the six ranks before it; Scout, Tenderfoot, Second-Class, First-Class, Star, and Life. Many boy scouts in troop also received new ranks and merit badges during the ceremony. They will continue to work hard and strive to earn the Eagle Scout rank themselves.